Angelika Weber


I am a Storyteller that want to share

Every new day in my life to me is a blank page. My job is filling it with stories and make my life a must-read book. You can't live without any stories told.

I can help you …

By deep understanding your target audience

SEO is not about tricking Google and ranking #1, it's about partnering with Google and providing users the best search results.

Give Google a reason to rank your website higher than the others by showing that you have useful information for your target audience.

Google loves you when users love you!

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Words get around like

She share cutting-edge content strategy

If anyone asks me about an action taker in the Indian blogging industry, the first name that pop-up in my mind is Angelika Weber

Alice Smith

Customer Support at Custas

I can't require a more reasonable partner than her

One of my most memorable experiences is working with Angelika. She is creative, humorous and at the same time responsible.

Charles Lewis


I found a positive and effective lifestyle

I like the way she works. She is exactly an intelligent woman who knows what to do and how to do. She loves what she does and that's the key.

Amanda Thompson

Marketing Executive at BB Co.

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